Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome to the Monkeyhouse

As Kurt Vonnegut would put it.

So: today I drove all the way to the ghost zoo at the heart of Griffith Park. Yes, it was creepy. In fact, it was very, very creepy.

So creepy, in fact, because nothing happened. Every time I went into one of the empty enclosures, I half expected one of those Misfit people to jump out at me. Every time I turned the corner, I thought I would see their strange smiles. After an hour had passed, I was hoping to see them, just so I wouldn't be nervous anymore. Just so it would be over with.

But they didn't appear. I wandered the zoo for a few hours waiting, but nothing happened. I didn't see any secret messages, I didn't notice any shady men wearing overcoats and fedoras waiting to whisper that "the squirrel rides at midnight." Nothing.

I went back to my car. There was an envelope stuck to the windshield with big block letters spelling out GRACE.

I opened it. There was a folded note inside that read:

Precious secrets fear boldness. Hear silence beam -- hold, sit beneath Mnemosyne. Milligrams prevent peering names, captured persons, caves of blood. Killing cats, however, arrives knowledge.

This is worse than the last one. The last one I at least knew was code - this just looks like random words thrown together.

I put the envelope in my glove compartment and drove back home.



  1. hmm i have no clue but to my mind this is wut i can thek of this is wut i thek now dont run off telling stuff because this may not be true but fum wut i can tell fum my knowledge "prevent peering names" maybe sum ting about learning peoples names? "captured persons" more people are captured? "arrives knowledge" you leard or learn not to do sum ting agen? i hope this helps you
    ~the wite one~

  2. If it's an anagram, it's a very long one, but the awkward choice of words makes me think it could be.

    (Sent your brother soap, hope that was the right choice)

  3. Thank you for your help. At least he'll be clean now.

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  5. Wish I could help a little more with this one. I'll keep hacking away at it.

  6. "Killing cats" probably refers to the Old Zoo's great cats, who died during WWI after being fed a diet of horse meat. Did you find anything interesting in the old cat enclosures?

    "Mnemosyne" seems to refer to Elysian Park -- the Zoo was almost relocated there.

    "Caves of blood" could be the Bronson Caves, located in Griffith Park and reached by crossing a red bridge.

  7. the island of misfit toysAugust 3, 2011 at 5:00 PM

    so close you think you are
    and yet so very far
    so concentrated on the zoo
    perhaps another clue

    use the first letter
    and sometimes the second, too
    (there's one word where we cheated
    but what else could we do?)

    that's our last clue
    we hope it helps you
    now we'll put on our hats
    and go back to killing cats

  8. psfbhsbhsbmmppncpcobkchak

    First letters. I've bee trying to find an anagram or code all night.


    First and second. "Mnemosyne" is the root of mnemonic, so that confirms the theory.

  9. The message is: OPIE AND ANDY LOOK TO THE STARS

    Grace, does that mean anything to you?

  10. The only "Opie and Andy" that comes to mind is from The Andy Griffith Show. Sorry.

  11. http://www.netstate.com/states/symb/flags/images/nc_fil.gif ?

    I lost the site when my computer crashed, but I found this on another site (lost the address in the crash, but it's one of them, not the same one the Jester works for) "...we traveled through the Path to an abandoned building somewhere in Appalachia[...] It's an old cabin in the woods..." It might not be the same cabin, and Appalachia is huge.

  12. How far are you from Griffith Observatory?

  13. About as far away as the zoo was. Maybe five hours driving time.