Saturday, August 6, 2011

Good News/Bad News

The good news first: Derek will be getting potable water and medicine soon. Thank god. Knowing he won't get sick (at least by his drinking water) gives me a huge sense of relief.

The bad news: I was pulled over by a cop today. Apparently, I was so distracted thinking about Derek and the Jester that I ran a red light. The cop was kind enough to let me off with a small fine, but that's still money I need. It was my own damn fault, though.

Tomorrow is Clue Day, when I go to the Griffith Observatory on a clue hunt. And speaking of clues, that weird anonymous comment has been decoded and it still doesn't mean anything to me. And the followup anonymous message was also decoded and it, if anything, makes even less sense. What the heck is this anonymous commentator trying to tell me?

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