Monday, August 29, 2011

Waiting out the rain

I don't know why I'm so sleepy. I wake up and I'm still tired. And often times, I can't drive out in the weather. The storm is too much. I'm just holed up in a motel trying to wait it out.

So more pages from the notebook. These are the last ones that look like they are code. There are some random pages with words or images, but they don't look like they were deliberately coded or anything.



  1. They've solved the pages already, Grace. The only problem is that, well... what they decode to is kind of scary for you and Derek.

  2. Maybe we should tell her, Dia, so she can ask Derek a few questions.

  3. If you want to tell me just tell me. I don't know why the secrecy.

  4. Fine...

    Entry One I made up this code so nobody will understand this journal especially not Grace. I like writing under her nose. Sometimes I want to just kill her but then I know I will die as well.

    Entry Two I am so lonely. Karen is dead - has been dead for many year(s) and Grace does not even remember anything. She does not even remember Karen's name. It is like she never existed. I am so lonely.

    Entry Three I wonder if I should help her. She does not even know me, so would she help me? I will wait. I will wait until the time is right before revealing myself.

    Entry Four How did Karen die? Not with a bang or a whimper. She died with a whisper. She whispered to me, "I don't thik I'm needed. She barely remembers. Anything." Then she said, "Nox you see me, now you -" and she was gone.

    Entry Five You do not have any friends, do you, Grace? I am your only friend in the world. I know things your brother does not even know. Although he has a few secrets too.

    Entry Six Yesterday upon the stair I met a woman who wasn't all there. She wasn't there again today. What will it take for her to fade away.

  5. That's...disturbing.

    And probably complete lies.

  6. I wanted you to read this before talking to your brother, so you could confirm some of this...

  7. Grace, were you born in 1968?