Monday, August 1, 2011

Only Just Begun

When I came back for my car, I found a note on the windshield.

We've only just begun. Try to have some fun. Find all the clues or you will surely lose. 
Vafvqr gur pvgl bs natryf vf n cynpr jurer navznyf bapr yvirq, ohg yvir ab zber. Rzcgl fcnprf, oveqpntrf jvgubhg oveqf. Tb gurer abj naq lbh jvyy svaq bhe jbeqf.

That last part is gibberish to me. It's either in code or they just randomly banged it out on a typewriter. In either case, I have to figure out the next clue.

Frankly, though, I'm tired. I'm tired and I need sleep. But I have to solve this. I need help.



  1. ROT 13:
    Inside the city of angels is a place where animals once lived, but live no more. Empty spaces, birdcages without birds. Go there now and you will find our words

    #4. The Old Los Angeles Zoo,

  2. Thanks. That's a long drive from where I live, though, so I'll start the trip tomorrow.

    And I'll be sure to watch out for, well, Big Raping Jim.

  3. Sorry. Coincidence, I'd just heard of that place through Cracked. Kinda forgot about the reptile house.