Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moon Lake

I'm here. I finally had to pull over last night and sleep in my car, but I'm here.

It's...quiet. The lake is a reservoir and I don't see any boats here.

Except I do. There's one boat out in the middle of the lake. From what I can see, nobody's in the boat, however.

An empty boat in the middle of the lake. Who wants to bet that's where the clue is?



  1. lets hope the lake isent deep happy swiming

  2. Buy a canoe and an oar, with the money you still have left. Don't swim like the guy above me suggests...

  3. At least in a boat, you'd have a chance against whatever might be in the water.

  4. I suggest waiting, actually. It could be some sleeping fishermen, sleepy fishermen who won't like an girl trying to get into their boat. Please, just observe it for a bit and make sure it's deserted.